With humility and thanksgiving I can say that I grew up liking math. This has brought me to major in mathematics at my undergraduate college and to pursue a PhD in it at NC State University.

Math is a very useful thing and a very helpful tool. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from math anxiety or view math as inaccesible to them. Helping people overcome their fear or distaste for it is important to me. By increasing the ways to interact with materials, working personally with students in an inviting and patient environment, and by using open (free to use and distribute) content this is made more possible.

After the completion of my PhD I plan to pursue the development of any of the following:

  • Interactive digital assets for teaching
  • Open courseware and open textbooks
  • University tutoring centers

Outside of math, I've been reading a lot. What I've read can be viewed through my reading logs.

Curriculum Vitae

Wyn Nelson CV (PDF)

Last updated Spring 2020