As a teaching graduate student at NC State University I have spent the last four years becoming a better communicator. I must ask myself the question "How can I better communicate this information to my audience?" when creating course materials or research presentations. When this question is directed at the products I create, it becomes a question about good design.

I recently realized that user experience (UX) design's creative, collaborative, and impactful nature makes it a career that I wish to pursue. The principles of UX design were first introduced to me during my undergraduate studies in computer science and I have since further explored it through books, personal projects, and a design bootcamp.

I am currently looking for a position that pairs my experience with web development and expertise in problem solving with UX design. In the meantime, I apply elements from the UX design process—cognitive empathy, iterative design, use of user feedback—to be a better educator.

Outside of that, I've been reading a lot. You can see what I've read by viewing my reading logs.


Wyn Nelson Resume (PDF)